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The Adelaide City Council Guide for Market Umbrellas and Cafe Barriers

Awnet products are a great way to expand your dining area and to entice patrons to enjoy alfresco dining. Our cafe umbrellas and barriers also provide shelter from the sun and protection from the wind and rain. They are a fantastic option for when awnings and verandas are not available or suitable for your establishment.

The construction, design and implementation of breeze barriers and market umbrellas, must adhere to Adelaide City Councils regulations.

The following information should only be used as a guide. Please click the link for your local council to download their specific policies. If your council in not listed, then let us know and we will try to attain their policies for you.

Amenity and Appearance

  • Alfresco dining areas within Adelaide city need to relate to its surroundings. They are required to protect the urban, heritage and streetscape appearance, while enhancing and adding character. This involves:
    • If the trees are extensive, market umbrellas should be kept at a minimum;
    • Umbrellas can be an alternative when there are no verandas or trees or trees;
    • Cafe barrier screens can be appropriate in selected locations to provide shelter from the wind, rain and sun, as well as protecting pedestrians from traffic.

ACC Cafe Barrier Specifications

Adelaide City Council Cafe Barrier Specifications


  • Barriers may be allowed to delineate an outdoor dining area. The following applies:

    • Must be removable and freestanding. Made of a light weight frame which is easily installed and removed, and securely fastened during use;
    • Must not exceed height of 900mm;
    • Minimum setback of 1000mm from buildings, street furniture or public infrastructure;
    • Minimum 600mm distance from kerb line;
    • Must be positioned parallel to the kerb. Where inappropriate, planter boxes can be positioned perpendicular to the kerb to define the boundries of the cafes outdoor dining area;
    • Of a single colour;
    • Must be suitably sited, designed and constructed with regard to available space, existing form, character, street activity and traffic conditions;
    • Positioned to allow pedestrian access, including vehicular traffic;
    • Cannot be located within or adjacent to loading zones;
    • Where alfresco areas have cafe barriers, and between adjoining alfresco area barriers, a 1500mm 'gap' is required every 8m;
    • Must be removed at the end of trading hours.
ACC Outdoor Cafe Guide

Cafe Umbrella Specifications

Removable Umbrellas

  • Market umbrellas are to be removed from outdoor dining areas, on a daily basis at the end of trading hours.
  • They can be used to shade and shelter patrons, as well as visually promote your establishment.

The following legislations apply to cafe umbrellas

  • • A minimum clearance of 2.1m from the footpath to the underside of the umbrella. Components such as valances, may extend lower.
  • • Canopies should be of a high quality material, such as acrylic canvas, and of neutral colours. Artistically printed canopies may be considered as part of a streetscape 'theme' if supported by the relevant precinct association/group.
  • • Plastic or vinyl canopies are not permitted.
  • • Market umbrellas are allowed only where existing shelter (such as verandahs, canopies or trees) is not available or is inadequate.
  • • Umbrellas should be placed in regard to existing shelter and infrastructure such as trees, canopies and verandahs
  • • Must be properly secured to the pavement, so as not to blow over in strong wind, without damaging the pavements surface. The base must not represent a trip hazard to pedestrians.
  • • Umbrellas installed into an in-ground socket in the pavement are preferred, due to the safety and security advantages
  • • Market umbrella canopy edges are to be set back at a minimum of 600mm minimum from the kerb, so as not to conflict with traffic.
  • • Canopies may extend a maximum of 300mm beyond the boundaries of the outdoor dining area facing the footpath, except where adjacent to the kerb.
  • • Umbrellas and their bases must be removed and stored outside of trading hours.

A compliance period of 1 year from the next outdoor dining permit renewal will apply to the removal of market umbrellas that do not comply with the minimum height or daily removal requirements specified above. Their removal will be at the owner’s cost.


    Signage, branding and logo's related to the business, or to advertise goods sold on the premises, is permitted on glass screens, cafe barriers and market umbrellas only. No third party advertising (signage or advertising unrelated to the business) is allowed on any other outdoor dining structure.


    Advertising and signage is subject to Council approval. The following applies:

    • Signage and advertising should complement and improve the amenity of the premises. It should be of a tasteful and fit with the character of the area (as described in the Adelaide City Development Plan);
    • Advertising on outdoor dining items, such as breeze barriers and cafe umbrellas, in the form of a well-designed business name or logo is permitted. Advertising shall not exceed 10% of the total available space on each barrier, up to half of which may be commercial advertising in the form of product logos used or sold by the premises;
    • Advertising on glass screens is not permitted below 1300mm from the ground;

    Free standing signs placed on the footpath, such as A-boards are not permissible within, or in association with outdoor dining areas.

Rundle Mall Regulations

  • • Enclosures, including cafe barriers, are not permitted;
    • Market umbrellas are permitted provided the umbrella canopy does not overhang the outdoor dining area by more than 300mm.
  • • A minimum clearance of 2100mm from the market umbrella canopy to the lowest point of the pavement, to which the umbrella must be properly secured; and
    • Any removable or permanent cafe umbrellas are to be advertisement free.

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