Interlocking Arm and Bracket

The most important aspect of our cafe umbrellas, which sets us apart from the opposition, is our custom designed 'Interlocking Frame System' where the bracket is now locked into the arms. With softer curves and extra ribbing our frame is now stronger and better looking than anything the opposition has to offer.

Interlock ArmInterlock Cut Away

Australian Design Registered

Australian Design Registered



Umbrella COG

Our Extruded Aluminium Cog is the heart of our umbrellas. Being fully engineered and featuring the highest quality fitting, this equates to reliability and ease of use. The top cog is powder coated black. The bottom cog is nylon coated so as the umbrella pole is not scratched when opening the umbrella.
Awnets eight sided cog is a solid, heavy duty, extruded chunk of aluminium! Designed for Awnets eight arm umbrellas this cog is pretty much indestructable.

Standard Four Arm Umbrella CogEight Arm Cog