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Council Guidelines for Cafe Umbrellas & Barriers in Hobart & Launceston

Our state-of-the-art, al-fresco dining products provide shelter from the sun and protect patrons from the wind and rain. Cafe barriers and market umbrellas are a great alternative for when awnings and verandas are not available or not an option.

Launceston City Council has a detailed 'On Street Dining Specifications and Guidelines' policy for new and existing establishments. Hobart City Council, not so much. This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

The information on this website should only be used as a guide. We recommend that you contact your local council to find specific policies.


Launceston City Council On Street Dining Specifications

Launceston City Council: Market Umbrella & Cafe Barrier Policy


  • There should not be any foundation or connection point fixed to the footpath.
    All dining furniture must be removed at the end of business trading hours by the license holder.

Design of Furniture

  • - All points of contact must be designed to prevent damage to the footpath.
    - Where kerbside parking occurs, a barrier must be installed
    - Advertising logos or signs may be permitted on market umbrellas and barriers

Cafe Barriers

  • Can be free standing or used in conjunction with fixed bollards.

  • Barriers Must Be:

  • - Used if the on street dining is adjacent to kerbside parking.
    - Along the same alignments as any existing bollards.
    - Used between separately licensed on street dining areas.
    - Removed outside of business hours.
    - No closer than 550mm to the face of kerb to allow for access to parked cars.

An on-street dining operator, must frequently monitor the dining area to ensure that the cafe barriers are not a hazard to pedestrians or motorists.

Market Umbrellas

  • Design and Placement of cafe umbrellas:
    - Must have a minimum height above footpath level of 2400mm.
    - Edge of umbrella must be set back at least 450mm from the face of the kerb.
    - Umbrellas must be removed or lowered if weather renders them potentially unsafe.


    Any cafe barriers or market umbrellas shall be removed or repositioned if they are or likely to be a danger to pedestrians or traffic.

Click to download the complete Launceston City Council on street dining specifications

If you would like to find out more about our product line and council regulations in Launceston or Hobart, call us today on 1800 417 888.